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A child's first set of teeth, the primary teeth, are extremely important for his or her proper development. Strong, healthy primary teeth help a child chew food easily, learn to speak clearly and contribute to their appearance and confidence among peers. A child's general health can be affected when his teeth are diseased or broken and not treated. It is very important that children have a dental examination by the age of three years old. Regular dental examinations and professional dental cleanings are recommended every six months. In this way, cavities and other dental problems can be treated at early stages and oral health can be maintained.


During a child's growth, between the ages of seven through ten years old, orthodontic interceptive care with limited fixed or removable appliances can often correct crooked, misaligned teeth. This early intervention can often avoid more advanced cases of misaligment which would later require full mouth braces which is a more extensive treatment, time consuming and expensive.


Hurontario Dental Centre also offers discounts to families who have more than one family member having orthodontic treatment.

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